Presentations from 2020

Thursday March 26th, 2020 7PM

Adam Trimble

PWAs: Beyond Beginnings - Service Workers at Scale

I want to talk about what service workers look like at scale. We've been working on our PWA at GOAT,...

Jon Jandoc

She Had a Plan for That: building an Iowa Caucus App for the Warren Campaign

If you were paying attention to the Democratic primaries in February, you're probably familiar with ...

Thursday February 27th, 2020 7PM

Ben Junya

Prolific over Perfection

All artists make messy sketches. All writers write terrible first drafts. All coders create dirty fi...

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Thursday January 30th, 2020 7PM

Lauren Tan

Just Use Any - How to Win Colleagues and Influence Your Boss with Typed JavaScript

TypeScript has won the hearts and minds of programmers all around the world. Unfortunately, your dea...

Chris Bautista

Cypress: The Great & The Not So Great

Testing tools have improved dramatically in the past few years. Cypress, an open source test runner,...

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