Thursday April 24th, 2014 7-10pm | SapientNitro
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keynote speaker

Static Web Architecture: Not Just for Hipsters

Michael Bleigh

Twitter: @mbleigh
Github: mbleigh

Building with a separated front and back end makes your applications more scalable, flexible, and modular. Learn the ropes of Service-Oriented Architecture, CORS, authentication, and more for static web apps.

keynote speaker

The Intranet of Things with Node.js

Brian Johnson

Twitter: @imbrianj
Github: imbrianj

Universal Controller is a node.js based application intended to run on a device within a local network - preferrably a dedicated server (such as a Raspberry Pi). It allows all web capable devices within that same network to issue commands to any other configured device. You may use your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop browser to interact with any controllable device - or issue simple GET commands programmatically.

lightning speaker

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We are looking for more talks for future meetup. If you want to present, let us know.

Meet-up Details

This month we will be meeting at SapientNitro in Santa Monica.

SapientNitro is located at 3211 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404 (just east of the school).

There is street parking available on Olympic and nearby streets.

The general format will be 2 planned talks followed by drinks.js around 9:15.

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