Thursday July 31st, 2014 7-10pm | Two Bit Circus
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keynote speaker

Build Systems: The Next Generation


Twitter: @contrahacks
Github: contra

Build systems play a crucial role in a modern web developers life. Why do we settle for subpar processes when we can have it all?

Take a journey through the build system to discuss a little philosophy, automation, streams, grunt, gulp, and everything in between.

keynote speaker

Real World React

Aaron Murray

Twitter: @funkytek
Github: funkytek

React.js brings significant benefits to front-end development: performant virtual DOM diff, one-way data flow and a great component system. React, however, is just the "V" in MVC, so the question of how to actually architect your application quickly arises.

Explore using React to build full apps including complementary libs, tooling, pain points and more.

lightning speaker

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Meet-up Details

This month we will be meeting at Two Bit Circus in Downtown LA.

Two Bit Circus is located at 678 South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031.

There is parking available at Two Bit Circus and on nearby streets.

The general format will be two planned talks followed by Drinks.js at around 9:15.

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